semi-auto lamination machine

1. Turn-up bridge plate is convenient for cleaning; discontinuous water-circulating system ensures washing clean.

2. Automatic feeding for bottom sheet, manual feeding for top sheet (feeding from side for top sheet is optional).

3. Flexible front register, bottom sheet is not exceeding the top sheet, and it’s adjustable for the front-and-rear lamination between bottom sheet and top sheet.

4. Bottom sheet can be paperboard more than 350gsm, A/B/C/D/E/F corrugated cardboard.

5. Intelligent control and compacted energy-saving and controlling play from the stack of paper.

6. Using high-precision plastic block device, save glue.

7. Optional: PLC control, lengthening compression part.

Type semi-auto lamination machine
Max. Working speed 0-90m/min
Machine weight 4.8t
Dimensions 7400x2080x1400mm
  • PLC Control
  • Intelligent control
  • compacted energy-saving
  • controlling play from the stack of paper

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