semi-auto lamination machine

1. Turn-up bridge plate is convenient for cleaning; discontinuous water-circulating system ensures washing clean. 2. Automatic feeding for bottom sheet, manual feeding for top sheet (feeding from side for top sheet is optional). 3. Flexible... Continue reading

KMK-1300 Full Automatic Laminating Machine

This machine is used to laminate corrugated cardboard. When the machine is working in high speed, it can be normal to process 3/5/7 ply and A/B/C/D/E/F/N corrugated. The cardboard after laminating is nice and high... Continue reading


KMK-1050 Full automatic stop cylinder screen press

Machine contain UV Dryer and Automatic Stacker. JB-1050A Full automatic stop cylinder screen press using advanced design and production technology, combined with years of design and manufacture of full automatic screen press experience. It is... Continue reading